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Georgetown’s Finest Restaurants

If you’re out and about in Georgetown, Seattle on any day of the week then you need to know where to find the finest food to set you up for the night.  Whether you’re just looking for a tasty snack to line your bellies before a riotous night out at one of Georgetown’s many (MANY) awesome night clubs and bars or whether you’re a real foodie who wants to embark upon a good couple of hours’ worth of delectable food and ambience, then we have a handy guide on some of Georgetown’s finest fair!  Don’t worry – we have something to fit your tastes whether you have cash to burn or on the lookout for some budget chow.


Head over to the 13th Avenue to enjoy some of the best crepes you will find this side of Paris!  It’s called the Hanger Café and though their crepes are extremely popular breakfast fair you can also enjoy their delicious sandwiches and waffles, all at an extremely reasonable price of around $10 per person.


One of the most popular places to grab some lunchtime chow in Georgetown is the Hawaiian Kauai Family Restaurant on 6th Avenue.  This has been hailed as “the perfect place for home-sick expats to enjoy the aloha spirit” and their menu reflects this sentiment!  There’s the Kahlua pig and Ahi poke, Hawaiian BBQ chicken, crispy ginger chicken and good old American chow like cheeseburgers and smoked pork, all at extremely reasonable prices.


Blow Out: If you want to have an extravagant meal, head over to Corson Avenue to the fancy Corson Building.  The meals can be quite pricy at about $60 per person but it’s more than worth it for that extra-special occasion.  Featuring a kitsch hand written menu, the Corson Building is both elegant and quant and boasts some excellent seafood, meat and veggie dishes.

Budget Wonder:  There are absolutely tonnes of budget food eats in Georgetown from pretty much every corner of the globe!  Good old American chow like burgers, BBQ and seafood can be found at the likes of Herfy’s Burgers on Corson Avenue and RoRo BBQ and Grill on South Albro Place as well as Mexican (Muy Macho), Middle Eastern (Hallava Falafel) and Teriyaki (Oya Teriyaki), so no matter what your taste buds are crying out for you can find it in the funky, vibrant and urban hubbub that is Georgetown, Seattle!

Enjoy the Bingo fun with your mobile

From its earlier beginnings in Italy back in the 1500 till it was formally systemized to what it currently is now, Bingo has truly matured. Bingo, as a game, never fails to bring enjoyment to all who want to play it. With money as part of the element, it not only provides joy but also excitement.

Eventually, starting off from a social game that involves lots of people in one room, it eventually made its way to our computers and laptops through the advent of modern technology and top notch Bingo portals such as http://mobile-bingo.org.uk that help Bingo players to find their way in this online ‘jungle’. With the Internet’s capabilities and wonders, we can not only play Bingo online, but also bet real money and play real stakes on it. Now, in the age of iPads, iPhones, Androids and smartphones, the popular game has become more popular and accessible with mobile bingo.

With small-time investors and developers in the online gambling businesses betting on new technologies to power up their products, they are now bringing the stakes in the mobile gambling business. And mobile Bingo is going along with it quire fine.

But there are also issues being tackled as to how the game is played in a more portable genre such as mobile gaming. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages of playing real stakes Bingo on your mobile phone. One advantage is that because of its portability, you can actually virtually play Bingo almost anywhere. Whether it’s in your house, in the bus or practically any place where internet is available, you would be able to enjoy unhampered mobile bingo using any of the gadgets mentioned.

Another advantage with playing Mobile Bingo is that it allows you to play with your friends. In fact, some people often create groups in different social networking sites solely for the love of Mobile Bingo. These people often gather in chat rooms while waiting for the next number to come in. But while there are some things that Mobile Bingo is good at, there are also some aspects that need to be improved.

For instance, there is the issue of mobile phones causing distraction during actual games. Let us always remember that your mobile phone is primarily used for calling and texting, not for gaming. Sometimes we’re irritated whenever someone calls you in the middle of a mobile Bingo game. Connectivity is also an issue as well. Playing mobile bingo games with real betting involved is not fun when your signal is not at its strongest.

But despite the problems now, we are confident that with new apps or mobile gaming programs being developed, such glitches will just be a thing of the past. If you’re an old-school kind of guy and prefer to stick to your PC, try this recommended Bingo directory – www.gr8onlinebingo.co.uk.

Caesars Casino – Playing with Royalty

There is no need for you to fly to Las Vegas to play for your favorite casino game because there is Caesars Casino to give you what you really want. Caesars gives you with the opportunity to experience the glamour and the glitz, which are often found in Las Vegas casinos right in the comfort of your home, and with just a few clicks on your computer. To be able to get access of the different casino games such as Blackjack, online Pokies and Roulette, all you need to do is to log on to its website there you can pick the room where you want to play.

By playing at Caesars Casino, you are assured that you still get similar thrills brought about by the same people who have brought out the thrills in Gamesys, Sun Bingo, and Jackpot Joy. Gamesys has already spent more than seventy years of specializing in providing high quality excitement and fun and all of these were gathered altogether at Caesars.

In line with other UK top mobile caisnos, you will be amazed to 200 percent worth of bonus for your deposit, which is presently valued for up to four hundred pounds. This simply means that the amount of money which you have deposited commensurate with the amount of the money which you have initially deposited. The bonuses don’t just stop right there. Your next deposits will continually earn fifty percent worth of cash bonus up to a maximum amount of fifty pounds.

Since Caesars Casino has been launched just recently, you can simply skedaddle on the site and get the opportunity to become lucky in any of Caesars two monstrous promotions: 10,000 pounds in cash or a stay in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace, of course. The prize isn’t just a luxurious stay in a luxury hotel but you will be given the VIP treatment on your accommodation. This will surely give you the chance to experience a royal treatment fit for a king or a queen.

So, whenever you feel like playing online casino games, you need to keep in mind that choosing the right place to play is simply a great consideration you should put into your mind. And of course, it also gives you the opportunity to try other games it offers like video poker and slots. And if you think you are a serious type, you can try the Black Jack games and the Roulette Splendid only offered by Caesars.

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Weekly Events in the Area of Georgetown, Seattle

If you are lucky enough to call the funky, hip and super urban Georgetown, Seattle your home then you will also be lucky enough to be privy to all of the exciting happenings in and around that area.  Whether you love tapping your feet to the smoothest jazz or checking out some of the biggest acts in showbiz, whether you’re a huge foodie or just want to devour some art and culture matters not – the only thing that matters is that you know when and where the most thrilling events in Georgetown are taking place so that you don’t miss out on anything.

There are special seasonal events in which some of the biggest names in showbiz wow the inhabitants of Georgetown, but there are also weekly events for you to choose from.  If you’re a fan of letting your hair down and having a little tipple then you’re in luck because there is literally something for everyone in Georgetown to get down and boogie too!  Karaoke enjoys a lot of followers in Georgetown, from the daily karaoke taking place at 9pm every single night in the extremely hip and popular Crescent Lounge – where pitchers are an incredible $4! – to the gritty Venus Karaoke bar of the International District offering their many customers the chance to shine from as early as 2.30om every day.  If you really want to get your Sinatra on then head to Dante’s in the U-District from 9pm every Monday because they boast the best stage in town!  If you love a funky dose of 80’s cheesy pop or rock then Buddha Belltown is perfect for you!  From Cyndi Lauper and Madonna to Billy Idol, Buddha Belltown will have you back-combing that hair and pulling on those lacy gloves and leg-warmers every Saturday until 2am.  There are Jazzy nights every week in the Tuesday Jazz Jam With Don Mock, Steve Kim at 8pm if you want to soak up some Jazz tunes.

There are tonnes of Museums offering terrific exhibits every week, for which the Museum of Flight are particularly good.  There is also some awesome movie-based events being held at the likes of the Experience Music Project, a particularly popular one being The Lure of Horror Film held daily from 10am to 5pm, so head there for some spooky thrills!  From Burlesque nights every Sunday at Tempest Burlesque and Can Can Cabarets every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to Children’s events, swanky Art Gallery events Flea Markets you are always likely to find something to do in Georgetown, Seattle whether you’re a party animal, an art appreciator, a movie buff or want to take your kids out for some fun!  The best part is you get to experience all of this fun surrounded by the wonderful kooky urbaneness of Georgetown!